My name is Maya Glem. I am 50 years old, a licensed psychologist, and I have many years of experience with clinical psychological treatment of both young people and adults. I am not a native english speaker, but I have collaborated well with native english clients and clients from different origins with english as common language.

When you are considering starting at a psychologist, it may feel a little difficult to take the first step and book an appointment. It can be questions like, can the psychologist help me? Can I explain what I’m struggling with properly? Will talking about it make me feel worse?

My experience has shown me that it always is helpful to talk to another person whom you trust when something is difficult. You do not have to feel ing very bad before you seek help. Some people feel better after a few conversations, while others have to go through a longer process to achieve well-being. The important thing to remember is that help is always available.


A good collaborative relationship

A good treatment result depends to a large extent on the collaboration between you and me. It is important that you feel meet, comfortable, and understood. It requires a sense of security to tell a stranger about your life . Especially when you are dealing with something that is difficult. I will do my best to meet you in a respectful manner.

Research in psychotherapy indicates that the therapeutic alliance, or the “collaborative relationship between psychologist and client”, is 8 times more important in relation to creating an effective treatment course, than the treatment technique or method itself. Wampold’s (2001).

Irvin Yalom says in his book The Gift of Therapy that a new psychotherapy must be created for each client. I agree with that. I believe that it cannot be otherwise. All people are different and need different approaches.